Check Out The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In The U.S

Cost Of Car Insurance

Sometimes, determining the average Cost of car insurance isn’t as easy as just giving out a number and assuming it to be the current average. While that is possible, it will not give you the information that you want unless you are looking for a very general quote that could be off by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. average auto insurance in United States of America.

There are quite a number of factors that affect how much you pay for car insurance in the U.S.A. The thing is, the cost varies massively from state to state, so the state that you live in will have to be factored into even a very general quote. Here are some other factors that affect how much you’ll pay:

  1. Your Specific Insurance Coverage

2. The Type of Car You Drive

3. Your Driving HabitsYour Location Matters

4. How Clean is Your MVR?

5. What is Your Credit Score?

6. Your Vital Statistics

7. The Average Car Insurance Prices

As mentioned earlier, your monthly or yearly premium is partly based on your driving record and demographics. But your car also has a lot to do with what you pay – particularly what kind of a safety rating a vehicle has.

State-by-State Auto Insurance Averages
Last year, southeastern U.S. state, Louisiana got some attention for having the highest car insurance rates. People in that state were paying $2,700 on average for a year of car insurance coverage.

Experts stated the reason for  the high rate, is that there are personal (bodily) injury lawsuits filed each year. Those that are for $50,000 or less will go before judges that are elected by the people. These judges often side with consumers, so auto insurance companies lose money. However, this year, Detroit, MI is the area with the highest car insurance rates, with rates averaging $400 to $500 a month.

There are ten states that were named having the highest yearly auto insurance rates for last year. The first is obviously Louisiana, as we previously discussed, with an average of $2,699 per year.

Michigan was in second, followed by Georgia and Oklahoma and then we slide across the eastern United States to the north and list Washington, D.C. in fifth with just over $2000 per year in annual auto insurance rates. The remaining five, in order, were: Montana, California, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Kentucky.

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